Water Damage

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Water Damage

“Water, water everywhere” is a famous quote, but it’s not something anyone wants. Flooding, whether caused by nature or a plumbing malfunction, damages your floors, the rooms below, and worst of all, your precious belongings.

Stop trouble before it starts! Water damage can begin without your knowledge. For instance, if you use your basement only for laundry and/or storage, you don’t go down there every day, and damage could start without your realizing it, especially if it starts while everyone is asleep. So if you’re storing family keepsakes and mementos in your basement, be sure to put them on the highest shelf in a watertight container. Many things can be replaced; these things can’t.

If your workroom is in the basement, never leave your toolboxes on the floor. Keep them on your work table or on a high shelf, and hang your bigger tools, like saws, on hooks. If you keep bicycles down there, you should mount them on the wall or on a pole. No matter what that costs, it’s cheaper and easier than replacing ruined bikes. Do the same with off-season sports equipment, like skis and sleds. This will leave room on the floor for boxes containing “safe” stuff, like inflatable pools, pool toys, swim fins, flippers, etc.

Check for leaks regularly, especially in exposed pipes. If you find cracks in the foundation, have them sealed right away. A leak, or even just a drip, has the potential to grow into something far worse and seriously damaging, so do your best to nip it in the bud. Call us the minute you spot something.

Install a sump pump to collect excess water from the grounds around your house and pump it out.

If in spite of all your precautions, damage happens anyway, here are some things NOT do to:

• Don’t try to lift anything big. Soaked items are way heavier than dry ones. Leave the lifting to us.

• It’s okay to lift wet fabrics if they’re not too big. You should hang them up right away.

• DO NOT turn on any of your electrical appliances.

• DO NOT try to siphon up the water yourself with a vacuum cleaner. This is extremely dangerous.

• If you notice a bulge in the ceiling of any room, stay out of there!

And always remember: at the first sign of trouble, call us. Our equipment and team are unsurpassed. We’ll find the source of the problem, assess the damage, drain out the water, do any needed repairs, dry out your home quickly and make it as good as new again.